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Teddyred Design

This is the apparel/stationary side to Teddyred! Find a cute addition to your order, or simply shop for a tote or two..
  1. Autumn Tulips Acrylic Pin
  1. Yellow Floral Pin
  1. Blackberry Acrylic Pin
  1. Autumn Leaves Bookmark
  1. Spooky Season Tote
  1. Take Care Tote
  1. Classic A6 Notepad
  1. Groovy A6 Notepad
  1. Strawberry Acrylic Pin
  1. Raspberry Acrylic Pin
  1. Frog Acrylic Pin
  1. Autumn Flower Pin
  1. Purple Dino Acrylic Pin
  1. Bee Acrylic Pin Badge
  1. Butterfly Acrylic Pin Badge
  1. Tiger Pin Badge
  1. Icons Dino Tote
  1. Sunflower Acrylic Pin Badge
  1. Purple Butterfly Acrylic Pin Badge
  1. Moth Acrylic Pin Badge
  1. Tiger Button Badge
  1. Butterfly Button Badge
  1. Teddyred Retro Button Badge
  1. Dark Floral Button Badge