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Teddyred Design

This is the apparel/stationary side to Teddyred! Find a cute addition to your order, or simply shop for a tote or two..
  1. Bee Pin Badge
  1. Butterfly Pin Badge
  1. Tiger Pin Badge
  1. Moth Stamp Maxi Tote Bag
  1. Icons Dino Tote
  1. Red 3D Logo Tote
  1. Sunflower Pin Badge
  1. Purple Butterfly Pin Badge
  1. Moth Pin Badge
  1. New Loungewear Maxi Tote
  1. Icons Chicken Tote
  1. Roger The Dinosaur Tote Bag
  1. A5 Flower Planner
    Sold Out
  1. A5 Butterfly Notepad
    Sold Out
  1. A5 Vintage Flower Notepad
  1. Moth Bookmark
  1. Purple Butterfly Bookmark
  1. Dragonfly Bookmark
  1. Pink Butterfly Bookmark
  1. Tiger bookmark
  1. Tiger Greeting Card
  1. Dark Floral Greeting Card
  1. Butterfly Keyring
  1. Tiger Keyring